Ben 'MJ' Tribute

Sat 26 May — Luv80s
Main Stage in association with More Radio


Breathtaking, mesmerising and incredible. A live Michael Jackson performance was an electrifying and memorable event and now the magic is back!

Ben's charisma and dedication shines through as he perfectly captures the King of Pop at the height of his powers. Singing live throughout the show and performing a full signature Michael Jackson dance routine, Ben’s show is packed with authentic touches and flair.

From when he was a child, Ben loved Michael Jackson and spent countless hours collecting his CDs, merchandise, memorabilia and even photos off magazines.

His passion for performing took hold when he discovered open mic sessions and once he began to sing it was clear to him what he wanted to do; perform on stage and entertain people.

At age 17 Ben performed his first MJ tribute show and it proved so successful that he decided to take the act up full time.

With his mesmerising, energetic and dynamic performance, Ben will give you a taste of what it was like to see Michael Jackson live in concert.

He sings every song entirely live, he has perfected every dance routine and possesses the image and charisma that can be likened only to that of Michael himself.